You're wrong, you know. You do count. You've always counted and I've always trusted you.

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People staring they know you’ve been broken
Ignore them tonight and you’ll be alright (x)

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This is what Killian likes to call #Winning

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she wants me to h o l d her, I want to use both hands

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Should things go well, and she wants me to   h o l d   h e r

                        I want to use   b o t h   h a n d s

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These particular moments/interactions between Killian and Emma really stood out to me for some reason. At the beginning of the episode, Emma opens the door and just admires Hook in his new clothes, noticing nothing about his hand. He then literally gives her a rose with his left hand (where is hook should be)… and she still notices nothing out of the ordinary. She accepts the rose happily and continues to talk to him. It’s not until Snow interrupts and says "…Emma…" when Emma finally realizes that Killian’s hook is gone, and that he has his hand back. Even so, she just shrugs it off like it’s no big deal and jokes, “So what do I call you now, Captain Hand?”

Then at the end of the episode, Killian walks into the police station holding his hook and adjusting it, because it’s all he can focus on. It’s all he’s been worrying about the entire episode. But Emma turns around to talk to him, and once again, notices nothing different. She then walks towards him, flirting a little bit. Then finally after that, she realizes his hook is back and she asks "what the hell happened to your hand?". Right after Hook explains the situation, she has no reaction or response. She walks away nonchalantly, un-phased and unaffected, with no care in the world.

My point is that Emma doesn’t even care or pay attention to the fact that Killian has a hook or a stump or an actual hand; whereas it’s all Killian can think about. He’s so preoccupied with getting his hand back. He struggles with the fact that he doesn’t have two hands to hold her with, and we found out in this episode that it’s actually something he’s really insecure and self-conscious about. He’s so concerned about his lack of a hand that he doesn’t even realize how unaffected and un-phased Emma is by it.

She loves him exactly how he is, regardless of a hand or a hook. That stuff is petty and unimportant to her. She just wants him. And I just love that so much.

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3x14 Killian: The monster you were gonna marry?
4x04 Killian: I've seen you only on one date, and it was with a flying monkey.
5x22 Killian: Unlike flying monkeys I don't hide engagement rings in the dessert.
6x17 Killian: This Planet of the Apes movie makes me think of your ex-fiance, the flying monkey
7x04 Killian: Swan, can we buy this stuffed monkey for Liam? Reminds me of, well, you know-
8x12 Killian: Story time, Liam! Yes, your favorite. Once upon a time a princess was going to marry a monster-
9x13 Killian: This Darwin fellow doesn't convince me, there's no way I evolved from your mother's ex-fiance

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And the White Queen and the  W h i t e  K i n g
loved each other very much. And, together
[…] they filled the land with wonder once again.”

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"I suppose we'll just have to wait till next time..."

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Will you go out with me again?

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"Killian will do."