You're wrong, you know. You do count. You've always counted and I've always trusted you.

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Lana Parrilla | Regard Magazine April, 2014

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favourite ouat quotes per episode
-the jolly roger

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accidentally opening a program that takes a long time to open so you have to wait twenty seconds to close it



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it’s ironic that tumblr loves a film about how exciting and amazing it is to be outside


#well she didn’t have wifi so outside was the next best thing

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Highest grossing franchise in domestic history. 

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…who is the fairest of them all?

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How can we not love Stemily brotp?

And also not love them for filling us with Olicity feels?

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Drabble for the day

"Obviously, Molly," scoffed Sherlock.

The two other men present, John Watson and Greg Lestrade turned to look at each other in bemusement, one blinking, while the other gaped. Both men ended up whispering to each other furiously, but the consulting detective didn’t pick up on it at all. 

After all Molly Hooper wasn’t there.

 John considered it a fluke, just a little mishap, especially since Greg told him that; “He used to do that to Molly.”

"Used to?"

"Well, he’s not bringing her along now, is he?" said Lestrade pointedly with raised brows, making John look at him in confusion.

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Sometimes, all you had to do was exist in order to be someone’s saviour.”

requested by mayacakaia

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I may not be able to hurt Emma but I can hurt those around her. Her parents, her friends, her child.

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peggyscarters asked emma or regina?

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make me choose
faramircaptainofgondor asked: morgana or guinevere

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Mila watches pilots
1/4 → Arrow

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